Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Queen of the Tearling

by Erika Johansen
narrated by Katherine Kellgren

19 years Kelsea has been in hiding, until the queen’s guard shows up at the door.  Running to take her rightful place as queen she had many near death experiences.  Once she arrives to the Tearling it is a fight for the crown.  She is on a quest for justice driven by emotion with a sense of loyalty to a people that have been oppressed for too long.  The Tearling has had a dark cloud hanging over it in the form of the neighboring kingdom ruled by the “Red Queen.”  We get to see the struggle Kelsea goes through as she tries to adjust to her new role as queen, discovering things about herself that she did not even know were there, and her resolve earning her loyal allies that have strong reputations in the territory.  She will be put to the test everywhere she turns.  This is an excellent story, and the narrator is perfect.  I can’t wait to listen to the sequel, Invasion of the Tearling, on its way to our shelves.  Definitely recommend this one.  Content warning: language and violence. 

Ruby Red

by Kerstin Gier
narrated by Marisa Calin

Most of us enjoy reading a great book now and then, but if you want to tickle your ears with a great book, read with a great British accent, then Ruby Red is the book you’ll want to listen to next. Charlotte, not Gwyneth is the sixteen-year-old girl that is supposed to have inherited the time-travel gene in the family. After all, Charlotte has spent her entire life practicing swordplay, learning etiquette and manners of the past four centuries, and receiving special music instruction. Gwyn has none of that training, yet she’s the one in the female line of descent that suddenly finds herself time-traveling uncontrollably three times within a 24 hour time period. Spunky teen Gwyn, is pulled into a secret society of Guardians that protect the chronograph, which allows for safe and controlled time-travel. This was a super-fun book filled with modern teen absurdity, jealous cousins, a hint of romance, and a full dose of unresolved mystery spanning four-centuries of time travel. This isn’t just a book for teens, but one for those who have dreamed of the possibilities of time-travel. All three books in this trilogy are read by the same delightful narrator and available to download.