Thursday, March 24, 2016

Furiously Happy

By Jenny Lawson
Narrated by Jenny Lawson

This is a funny book on more than just depression, it includes anxiety, among other symptoms that most of us can relate too.  I know it seems there is not anything funny about depression;  but these things need to be talked about and it is good to stop hiding our pain, and let others know that we all deal with these things.  If you know anyone or you yourself are depressed, this book is a must.  This will help you have an understanding of what is going on when someone says they are depressed and how you can help or support them.  Not just telling someone that they need to “walk it off.”   We are not as alone as we think.  “When we share our struggles, we let others know it is okay to share theirs.”  Jenny Lawson rambles about everything from possums and her arguments with her husband, to her fears of finding a dead body, and how you only feel successful at life just once in a while.  This book, although about serious matters, will have you laughing out loud.  

Content warning: Language