Wednesday, October 17, 2018


                  Educated: A Memoir
                                                               Author- Tara Westover
                                                               Narrator- Julia Whelan

    The title and book cover art caught my eye as a new purchase for the library.  I personally have some strong opinions on education, so it peaked my interest as to where this book would go on the subject.  Sometimes I purposely avoid reading the summary and reviews on a book that intrigues me. I want to approach it without the bias of another person.  As I dove into this story, I didn’t analyze the writer or the writer’s motivations. I just hungrily took in the story as I was mowing lawns. It kept my mind busy from the mundane work and sparked contemplative thoughts of my own experiences.  As I progressed through the story that spanned over many years I began to appreciate the author’s writing ability and mull over the obstacles that she had come up against. Every time I thought the story was about to wind down another “big event” would enter the story.  I have been mulling this story over in my mind for nearly a month now. Not really sure how I wanted to present it. The word, fantastical came to mind. Both in amazingly wonderful ways but also in cruel, mind-boggling ways. I’ll be chewing on this for a while as I work through some of the emotions this real, true to life, not fiction story has stirred within me.  
    The library has this book in regular print, large print, Audio CD and digital download both e-book and e-audio.  So, whatever your preferred method of reading is, we have you covered.

Educated : a memoir    Call number      270.092 WESTOVER 2018