Wednesday, August 1, 2018

I Really Didn't Think This Through- Tales From My So-Called Adult Life


Author - Beth Evans
Read By- Lauren Fortgang

Listening to this Graphic Novel as an Audio Book was interesting but I feel I missed out on not seeing the illustrations by the author as the book progressed 
The book begins with a somewhat whiney millennial who is not happy when she is expected to 'Adult' by killing her own centipede.  Thankfully the writer gets real in the next section.  Many teen/ young adults will completely identify with the author and I find many things that would be helpful for parents also.  The author struggled with OCD, anxiety, and self-harm.  Topics that are sometimes hard to broach when people are struggling.  It is not a long book,  your return will be more than what you will invest in this.  Check it out!