Thursday, May 21, 2015

Red Rising

by Pierce Brown
In this story, the main character is Darrow.  He is 16 and a “Helldiver,” which is a driller for helium. His job is helping to prepare the surface of Mars for habitation, or so he thinks.  He is also a red, or a slave.  Tragedy strikes Darrow and his wife EO, throwing him into a world he didn’t even know existed.  Darrow had no idea he was a slave. His wife had opened his eyes to a world of injustice.   Darrow is a reluctant leader chosen to lead a rebellion.  The mission is to infiltrate the Golds (the people that already inhabit the surface), and he will undergo a major transformation to do so.  Eventually he will embrace his mission and it will become everything to him. 
This book is not yet on our shelf, but will be soon.  It is also available to download through our digital library, One Click Digital. You can start listening today, or reserve the CD book.  Tim Gerard Reynolds’ voice brings the story to life; you will not want to stop listening even when you reach the end. I will definitely be looking for more books that he narrates.  
The sequel to this book is Golden Son and I cannot wait to start listening to this book.

Theft of swords by Michael Sullivan, narrated by Tim Gerard Reynolds, will be coming soon as well.

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